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Daniel Fishel – Boston Globe

I am very pleased to share a cover that I did for the Boston Globe’s “G Style”. I’ve been wanting to do one of their “G” covers for a while after I saw illustrators like Kali Ciesemier, Tim Goodman and Martin Gee’s beautiful covers for the publication.

Anyways, I’m really lucky to work with Catherine again on this cover, who is really great to work with. The brief I got for this cover is that there is a semi-new book that is being republished on a larger press called “50 Shades of Grey”. It’s supposed to be the next big twilight series and suburban mom’s are going nuts to get a copy of the book. After reading the description of the book, I’ve found out that the book is about S&M, and risky relationships. I was getting ready to draw a bunch of sketches of house wives with whips and chains but the art direction lead me to focus on how the books make it easier to talk about sex (with their spouse and other wives), and aren’t ashamed to be reading the book in public.

It’s been really nice out so some idea’s revolved around people reading it outside, in coffee shops, ect. In the end, we wanted to focus on having a hip late 20/early 30 women getting steamy while reading the book over tea. In the window you can see other women reading the book as well.

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