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Brett Affrunti – Washington Post and The Hollywood Reporter

Two very different illustrations that came out in the past week or so:

First one, was on the cover of the Washington Post Outlook this past sunday – for a story on how the conservative wing of the Supreme Court could actually help uphold President Obama’s healthcare reform. The case is set to go before the Supreme Court in late March. This one was a bit challenging – trying to show all 9 Supreme Court justices, with the idea of two Justices definitely voting no, four voting yes, with the future of “Obamacare” riding on the vote of three justices. Thanks so much to Kristin on this one!

I did this fun illustration  for a recent issue of the Hollywood Reporter. The illustration goes with a story on the increasingly nasty trench warfare going on amongst fashion reporters on the red carpet. The art director and editor on this wanted to go for a bit of a humorous depiction, so I went a little overboard – but I’m happy with it! Thanks to Peter and Shanti for the assignment!


5 thoughts on “Brett Affrunti – Washington Post and The Hollywood Reporter

  1. haha thanks Brian – yeah, I think I drew a couple hundred people the last couple of weeks!

  2. I forgot to tell you, my mother called me the morning the Washington Post illustration came out. She told me there was a great illustration in outlook section that she thought i’d like. I told her I was one step ahead of her and agreed that this is awesome. All the likenesses are instantly recognizable. Also great illustration for THR!

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