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Keith Negley – NYT/WSJ

Here are a couple recent things I’ve done.

The first is for a New York Times letters piece on using filibusters to block judicial nominees. For those that aren’t familiar, filibusters are where politicians can avoid voting on a bill or nominee by simply talking/stalling, and holding up proceedings. The speech bubble as a brick wall seemed like a no brainer. AD: Alexandra Zsigmond.

The 2nd piece was for The Wall St. Journal’s sunday issue. The article was on limiting risk when investing, and how instead of focusing on your end finance goals, focus more on only risking what you can afford to lose. I preferred the more conceptual angles, but the art director went with the straight forward gambling theme and requested I incorporate more financial elements into the background. I still enjoyed the assignment and found room to explore textures and ways of stylizing the figure. The version that went to press had more color in it, but I’ve been on a black and white kick lately and prefer this more subdued version. AD: Mark Tyner.

As you can see I’m drawing my sketches in illustrator and then drawing/painting the approved concept by hand. That’s probably a backwards approach to most illustrators and something I would’ve been self conscious of in the past, but one thing I’ve learned in grad school is there is no wrong way to do this.

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