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Kyle T. Webster – Film Poster

This is a recently completed film poster for ‘Ordinary Wilderness,’ the debut feature from Tim Hall. The film is about a man in his mid-twenties who still lives at home with his parents and is searching for that ‘moment’ that will launch him into the world in some clear direction. The movie is about that state of limbo in which many young people find themselves after college. It is a time of self-reflection and often of self-doubt and fear, but also hope and excitement. The movie is quiet and carefully paced and the poster is meant to convey this. I illustrated a brief but important scene in the story when the protagonist pauses by a pond and then wades in with no real purpose, other than to take in the moment. For the viewer, I think we understand that this act is an unconscious decision by the protagonist to wash away, symbolically, whatever self-doubt holds him back from pushing towards a personal breakthrough and ultimately an escape from mediocrity and stagnation. I am including two watercolor options that were presented to the filmmaker, as well, but were not chosen for print. Personally, I like the loose painting of the hero standing in the water, his back towards the viewer.

The image above will be printed on the DVD cover and poster, as well as submission materials for film festivals.

Below are the other options that were not chosen.

8 thoughts on “Kyle T. Webster – Film Poster

  1. Really reminds me of Milton Glaser and James McMullen, in that you were really able to capture a mood and a feeling with all three. Very pretty.

    Are the last two digitally painted or traditionally done?

  2. Whoah, Mike – I guess I can retire now that I have been compared to those two giants!!!

    Anyway, these are all done digitally. The watercolor paintings are done with custom Photoshop brushes that feel pretty close to watercolors … well, as close as one can get without water and pigment and real paper … OK, not so close, after all!

    • I think that I even had to ask was good. I really like that thin line between digital paint and the real stuff (I always mix the two). You’re really pulling it off with a lot of grace. Great stuff!!

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