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Daniel Fishel – Overprotecting Assets

Almost two months ago, I got a wonderful phone call to do a business magazine cover that essentially was about “overprotecting assets”. After a round of sketches, the editors weren’t feeling the direction of the cover and killed it. It’s rare moment for me to have a job killed, but for a lot of my peers, this is a pretty normal part of the career. One of the sketches was so good that I couldn’t pass it up from being finished.

Like a lot of the images in my portfolio, I try to infuse a bit of auto-biography into the illustrations I am commissioned to create. Obviously some images have way less than others, but this image would have been pretty close to saying a lot about me growing up. During the summer, my parents kicked me out of the house during the day which forced me to be creative with my time and not spend the entire day playing final fantasy 7. So my friends and I would get together to do a cluster of things and one thing that we did was put on as much sports protective gear on and try to wreck our bikes. Outside of this, we would also just ride around on our bikes wearing all this gear which made us look like total weirdos but at the same time was pretty charming too. We were pretty much like The Warriors minus New York and actually being a gang. It was a fun time.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Fishel – Overprotecting Assets

  1. This is great, Daniel. The drawing, the idea, the colors. It really jumps out at your face and begs to be looked at. Love the story too, especially the part about final fantasy 7 (I was right there too).

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