Editorial / New Work

Daniel Fishel – New Work

Here’s the latest piece I did for my monthly section in Honolulu Magazine called After thoughts. Mike wrote a story in this months issue to talk about his love for the old Quonset huts that are native in Hawaii. When researching a bit about Quonset huts, I’ve found that they were invented to be used when we set up our military in Pearl Harbor in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. These huts have been slightly modified over the years and have been redesigned for other uses all over the world. As we progress more into the 21st century, these huts have been put on the back burner, and Mike wanted to highlight this cool piece of Hawaiian history.

Also, I had the pleasure of working with Cinders at the Globe & Mail for a piece in their facts and arguments section. The article she assigned was a pretty narrative story about a man reminiscing his childhood in Port Credit, Ontario with his wife, two year old son and dog. The overall art direction was to show the family walking around their neighborhood that they allude to moving back to.

Big thanks to both Cody and Cinders for hiring me to make images for them.

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