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Pete Ryan – ConnCan

Last month I worked with the fine people at ConnCan on their newest education reform campaign called “Wake up Connecticut”. The Job required creating a logo for the campaign, as well as a series of illustrations to help roll out the corresponding initiatives.
The logo needed to get across a sense of Urgency, and tie it simply back to education. there were a lot of steps taken before i realized that a simple siren was a great way to get across a feeling of emergency and urgency, and conveniently its the same shape as the eraser on the end of a pencil.
Picture 11

The next part of this is the illustration for the first initiative – we needed to get across the idea that people werent taking action, they were just ignoring the problem.

5 thoughts on “Pete Ryan – ConnCan

  1. That siren/eraser idea is the perfect example of one of the many reasons I love your work. Your concepts are so smart and well executed that they always seem that it couldn’t possibly have been any other way. Great job!

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