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Keith Negley – Recent Work

Here are a few recent assignments I had the pleasure to work on.

The first is for Christianity Today for their book review section, about the duality of good and evil and why you need both. Art Director: Gary Gnidovic

This was for the march issue Life and Times Section of Runners World for a story about a woman who goes running to escape her migraine. Art Director: Marc Kauffman

For Forward Magazine about Cap and Trade regulations and the complications that arise when they’re handled on a state level instead of federal. Art Director: Gretchen Kirchner


Tax reform, specifically whether capital gains should be taxed the same as regular income, for The New York Times. Art Director: Alexandra Zsigmond


Also for The New York Times for the science section. About the positive side to alzheimer’s. The story referenced a Van Gogh painting and the art director requested I find a way to fit it in. Art Director: Peter Morance

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