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Daniel Fishel – Nashville Scene

I finally got a chance to work with Elizabeth at the Nashville Scene. She gave me a tricky article about whether or not charter schools were going to be good for the city of Nashville. She proposed the idea of a teacher writing out “The Charters Are Coming” over and over like she’s in detention and the students are monitoring her.

Like always, I try to thrown in my best alternative ideas to see what works…

One of my ideas, a student heading into school with different schools on each of the corners and across the street, stressing that there are too many popping up. Another is about the range of schools which is demonstrated by the diversity of children in their uniforms shown as they get on a city bus. The final showing too many classes going on at once.

It’s not too often that I am handed a conceptual solution and really like the outcome. Also, I am starting to see a trend in these last two months of hand lettering seeping into my editorial work which is something that I’ve been wanting to see.

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