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Daniel Fishel – Teaching Tolerance Magazine

I got the chance to work with the lovely people at Southern Poverty Law to do a piece for their magazine called “Teaching Tolerance”. The article they had me work on was about Sportsmanship in football. Specifically how rivalry is totally fine but when it leads to poor sportsmanship, it can be really hurtful. In the full page image that was published, I wanted to show how poor sportsmanship can create such a divide that it can really hurt the players on the field.

Some other idea’s that I thought would of been cool to show was how poor sportsmanship can travel amongst the team like a wild fire, and showing a player going from color to black and white.

I was also asked to do a follow up illustration that’s pretty simple.

As a side bar note, it was really interesting to take on this article on a personal level. During my middle school and high school years I played football and really loved the game. However, I stopped playing football ultimately because I got tired of the trash talk, and poor sportsmanship that is sadly part of the game. So it’s kinda interesting to put my own commentary into an illustration for an article that is entirely reflective on my younger self.

3 thoughts on “Daniel Fishel – Teaching Tolerance Magazine

  1. Very nice. This is the same reason I stopped playing baseball when I was a kid. Kids just turned into such trash talking jerks and drained all of the fun out of the sport.

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