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Alex Fine – Mick Cronin for Cincinnati Magazine

This is an illustration for the February issue of Cincinnati Magazine.  Brittany Dexter contacted me to create an image reflecting the opinions about Cincinnati basketball coach Mick Cronin.  People seem to love or hate the way he speaks his mind and sticks to his guns.  The article urges students and alums to support the new coach.  I actually preferred one of the other sketches so so below is a finished version.  I just really wanted to draw that bear : )it

14 thoughts on “Alex Fine – Mick Cronin for Cincinnati Magazine

    • Thanks Brian, I just couldn’t pass up bringing this one to final. I think the printed illustration made more sense with the positive message of the article but this definitely is more my style.

  1. That fire bear is freakin’ amazing, and that image really jumps out and makes a more emotional statement. I agree with Brian that it was a good call taking that one to final.

    • Thanks Thomas, one aspect of the article is how fired up Kronin gets. Maybe this will be the subject of a future article…one can hope : )

  2. Thanks guys! Joel, I was considering finishing that one too. I really wanted to see the orange hair paired with the orange ball. I can draw a separate illustration of you practicing free throws though : )

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