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Patrick McQuade – Maurice Sendak- Influences #2

Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was THE book of my childhood. It’s perfect.  The concept of running away to a island full of monsters, then becoming their king! was like crack to my young brain, still is for that matter.  But all of his books are cool and interesting, they still draw me in.  There’s an honesty to them that sets them apart.  Plus his artistry is just the best, so unique in style and sure of itself.  The way he infuses his drawings and characters with life, be it a bear or a baby or a wild thing, is just magic. Sendak is indeed a wizard, the gold standard. Here’s to you, Monster King. I am happily under your spell, and will be forever.


This is the 2nd in a new series of portraits I am doing entitled “Influences”, honoring all of the great artists that have inspired my work and imagination growing up.  The below area will store the collection.   They’ve all touched me to the core, and this is my way of saying thank you.  The group includes writers, illustrators, video game creators, animators, painters, puppeteers, comic book artists and film directors, some of them many of these things rolled into one. So far I have 16  portraits lined up, and will release a new one each week or so for the next couple months.  At the culmination of this collection, I will be launching a new website showcasing the world I’ve created inspired by their works. A fantastic & dangerous place, full of funky creature-folk, shrill despots, fantastical beasts, militant chancellors, magical beings and innocent souls.

#1 Dr. Suess

5 thoughts on “Patrick McQuade – Maurice Sendak- Influences #2

    • Thanks Alex! I was all about line (and abstraction) when I was younger, will post up some of that work eventually – but then felt the need to learn how to render things more realistically. But 2012 is going to be a return to LINE though, really pumped! Going atomic with the colors of these, glad u dig em! ;)

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