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Alex Fine – Francona for Grantland

This is a simplification of a previous unpublished illustration created shortly after Terry Francona was fired by the Red Sox.  Juliet from Grantland/McSweeneys asked me if I could give her a two color version to run with a story about the downfall of the Red Sox.  As a lifetime fan and son of a Bostonian (Brockton to be exact) I was torn about the departure of the only GM to not only win one but two championships since the “curse” began.

11 thoughts on “Alex Fine – Francona for Grantland

  1. Love it man. Looks great. Guess I’ll have to post my black/red Grantlands illo soon so we can all match. (But funny enough mine isn’t sports related.)

  2. Nice job Alex! You’ve captured the essence of Francona and the Red Sox collapse perfectly ,and as a Yankee fan, that makes me happy. But seriously, the Sox will miss Francona, he was a class act. Good luck with Bobby V!

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