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Brian Taylor — Washington Post 2011 Highlights

I always get a thrill working with The Washington Post. Nothing like being able to go to your local gas station and find your illustration in newsprint within a few days of delivering the final artwork. I first worked with them years ago on a b/w inside illustration for the Sunday Outlook section. But in 2011, I got some especially great assignments from them.

At the beginning of 2011, I was contacted to illustrate a concept the art director already had in mind. The illustration was a portrait of Donald Rumsfeld for 2 book reviews — one a biography and one a work of fiction. The idea was to illustrate just the right side of his face and leave the other side a photo. I love the idea and was tempted to illustrated the full face but wanted to make sure the right side got all my attention. I drew it about 17 inches tall to get in all the nooks and crannies in Rummy’s face.

More recently in November I illustrated an article on Obama and Romney for the Sunday Outlook section. It started out as a small 4 x 6 illustration, but after seeing my roughs, it was promoted to being the Outlook cover along with an inside spot. The article dealt with how both men will essentially have to hide their main achievement from the campaign trail: health care. It was their one main accomplishment that, in many eyes, would actually hold them back.

And finally an illustration of Tori Amos for the Washington Post Express Weekend section cover.

I’d like to thank Allie, Kristin and Adam for the great assignments in 2011. Look forward to hearing from you again in 2012!

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