Thomas Pitilli- Grantland Boxing Illustrations

I was recently asked by Grantland Quarterly to illustrate two boxing articles. Boxing is a theme that I often experiment with in my personal work, so I was very excited to finally get an assignment that involved the sport somehow.  The first image I made (below) was about the controversial Mayweather/Ortiz fight which involved a passionate head butt (ouch!). Unfortunately, due to a spacing issue, the illustration wasn’t able to fit. Bummer. Cool thing about it was that I got the opportunity to do another boxing illustration in it’s place!(above).  That one was about Manny Pacquiao and the current state of the sport.

Look for these in the February issue of Grantland Quarterly. These were both a ton of fun to work on and I hope to get the opportunity to do more boxing illustrations soon. Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Thomas Pitilli- Grantland Boxing Illustrations

  1. Tom, you’re a master of knowing when to eliminate the outlines and merge the foreground with the background. Because of this your work never looks flat and there’s a very cinematic feel to a lot of your work the lends itself to narrative really well.

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