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Keith Negley – McKinsey Quarterly


This was for a story about how executives perform better when they take external perspectives into account when making decisions (duh).

This assignment was particularly fun for me because I’ve been developing a new process where I do more things by hand and less relying on the computer. It’s quite a departure from what i’d been doing for years, and this is the first paying gig I got the nerve to try it out on.

Delilah over at Mckinsey is a joy to work with and was game when I asked if she’d mind. You know you have a great AD when they let you try new things.


5 thoughts on “Keith Negley – McKinsey Quarterly

  1. I can’t stop looking at this. Making the smaller man walking in the midst of large heads makes the illustration really dynamic and seem even bigger. Also the colors are smart and the shadow and the footprints are nice touches!

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