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Thomas James – Cover Illustration for Seven Days Magazine

I love illustrating magazine covers, I love repeat clients, and I love working with Art Director Diane Sullivan of Seven Days Magazine. She’s a great collaborator for an artist like me who thrives on the conceptual side of the creative process, throwing ideas back and forth, and developing a theme until it’s just right.

For their Winter Reading issue, Diane wanted an image that played off the idea of cutting snowflakes out of book pages. I thought it was a great start, but I kept getting hung up on the fact that it seemed to highlight the crafting of the snowflakes, rather than the reading part. So, after kneading and turning the idea, I proposed pushing the concept further by making it actually snow book pages. This would hopefully result in a more iconic image that triggered the emotional excitement of seeing the first snow falling outside the window and parallel the excitement of the special issue (It’s snowing outside! / It’s the Winter Reading Issue!) I also like the fact that it lends itself to a multi-layered “read” of the image for the viewer.

Happy holidays, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Thomas James – Cover Illustration for Seven Days Magazine

  1. I keep looking at those snow flakes. It was a great idea to have the type on the flakes and the colors work well because they’re suitable for Christmas without being the usual saturated red and green one expects to see.

    • Thanks Alex. About the colors, I was trying to make the color scheme all warm and cozy, and one of the Editors at the magazine thought they needed to be more like Christmas-y reds and greens, but fortunately the AD Diane fought for keeping the colors as they were. I’m really glad, because I felt like I was trying to push beyond the cliche colors.

    • Thanks Thomas! Me too :) I wasn’t able to get the drawing of the face (my wife) as well as I would have liked, but I’m trying to let go a little bit more with my drawing from models and focus more on concept and drawing from imagination.

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