Joel Kimmel – Seattle Met

I had the privilege to work on a cover illustration for Seattle Met‘s travel issue. It was quite the experience working on a cover, getting to see a little peek behind the scenes as to how a cover is decided upon. Getting an illustrated cover approved isn’t easy, so I was very excited once I […]

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PJ McQuade – Seattle Met

Got an almost full page illustration in this month’s Seattle Met of Papa John running from an angry mob.  No, not because of his dumb comments about Obama’s new healthcare law, but because his company spam-texted thousands of people in Seattle which lead to a lawsuit spear headed by Maria Agne, which lead to a […]

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Brian Taylor — Perfect Party for February Seattle Met

In May of last year, I was contacted to illustrate the ‘Perfect Party’ department each month for Seattle Met. The department highlights notable  Seattle-ites or musicians/authors/celebrities who will be in the Seattle area. The department existed previously only as a text driven treatment with no images or illustrations. With me illustrating the new column, it […]

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