Alex Fine – Graphite Work



It occurred to me after posting this image on Facebook recently that many people were not aware I often draw portraits in a different style than my usual editorial style.  I’m hoping in 2013 to introduce my graphite realism to more editorial clients.  Here is a selection of just some of the portraits I’ve drawn in the past few years.   I also plan to keep up my regular ink style, I just always loved realism too!








About Alex Fine

Alex Fine is a full time freelance illustrator living and working in Baltimore, MD. Some of his clients include WIRED, ESPN Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Washington Post, UFC Magazine, WWE Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Baltimore City Paper, etc. Go to his website to see more work!


  1. Brian Taylor

    Jeez, man. Those are just insane. Love it!

  2. Thanks Brian! I’m working on more of these in whatever down time I have each day.

  3. Christ, these are wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous attention to detail while maintaining the energy.

  5. Thanks guys! So far I’ve only done a couple of these for publications. Hopefully in this new year I’ll be able to mix this style in more with my ink and color work.

  6. REALLY beautiful stuff – outstanding really.

  7. Chris Gash

    Alex man, these don’t even look like they were made by human hands…truly incredible.

  8. Yeah, these are just amazing. I remember seeing that Ron Paul in print and loving it.

  9. Whoa, TOP SHELF Mr. Fine.

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