Joel Kimmel – Playboy

Off-Roading locations for Playboy

Off-Roading locations for Playboy

Happy New Year! I’m happy to finally be able to share this map I illustrated late in 2012 for Playboy. They’ve always been a dream client of mine because of the great illustrators they use and I was excited/surprised when they got in touch.

Of course as soon as my friends heard I was drawing something for Playboy they wanted to know all about it. I’ll admit that having Playboy as a client makes my job sound a bit more interesting to people who ask what it is I do. Well, it’s more exciting for the men, anyway.

I’ve really taken to drawing maps in the last year and had a fantastic time working on this one. Here are a couple detail shots below.

Detail of Jeep Moab

Detail of Jeep Moab

Detail of Arch Rock

Detail of Arch Rock


  1. Kyle T. Webster

    Really nice, Joel.

  2. Chris Gash

    Another brilliant piece, Joel, and congrats on Playboy, we’re all jealous!

  3. Thanks a lot guys, it was definitely a highlight to work for Playboy.

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