Daniel Hertzberg – The New Yorker: The Hour


A few weeks ago I was asked to do a full-page illustration for a review of “The Hour” on the BBC, for the New Yorker. It was truly an honor to be asked to work on something this big! Unfortunately it didn’t print as a full-pager (only 1/4 page) but it’s still an honor to be in the issue. They wanted an interesting composition, so I tried going all-out. The angle is pretty much impossible but I wanted it to jump on the page. The show is based on a news hour on the BBC during the 1950s, so it was important to show older 1950s TV cameras in the space. Lots of sketches below, lots of different angles.


About Daniel Hertzberg

Daniel is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Montclair, NJ. To view more work, please visit his website: www.danielhertzberg.com Email: daniel@danielhertzberg.com Phone: (516) 286-7585 Twitter: @danielhertzberg Facebook: Daniel Hertzberg Illustration Illoz: illoz.com/danielhertzberg


  1. Fantastic piece Daniel, LOVE the angle WOW!

  2. This is why there’s illustration. The scene you set up here is something a creative mind is needed for. Great work!

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