PJ McQuade – LA Weekly – Why The Time to Get High in L.A. is NOW!

A recent illustration for LA Weekly.  The article talks about what happened when Ben and Keith go to one of those shady Venice Beach doctors, got a scrip, and then bought pot at a dispensary or two. “Though we’ve got to great lengths to be legal, we’re suddenly a pair of paranoid ninth graders. And, again, we’ve surely paid too much: We’re probably supposed to be tasting hints of boysenberry and coriander, but all I can smell is garbage.”

Read more about the adventures online HERE

About PJ McQuade

Artwork and Design. NY, NY. Clients included Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Toronto Life, ESPN, MTV Press, HOW, MAD Magazine & Penthouse. Check out www.pjmcquade.com to see more of his work.

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