Chris Gash – Summer roundup, Part I

It’s bee a busy summer so I’ll be catching up on some recent work over the next few weeks. This piece was for The Washington Post Sunday Business about hospitals becoming the insurance provider to their patients:


This spot for Golf Digest was for a column about playing in the moment and not letting past bad shots interfere with your game:


Here is a small spot from Worth from earlier this summer about how to handle your kid’s allowance. As you can see from the sketches, the article was asking if the money should just be given or if the kids should work for it:


Get to work, Richie Rich:


And finally, this two-panel spot for Remodeling Magazine was for an article about how to reward your employees without using cash:


Thanks for looking!

About Chris Gash

Since 2000, Chris Gash has been illustrating for books, newpapers and magazines both here and abroad, and his work has been recognized by SILA, Communication Arts and 3x3. You can see more of Chris's work here!


  1. Kurt Hoss

    Well done. Particularly liked the surgery.

  2. These are all great. The haunted golf balls are excellent. I don’t play golf, but when I play basketball some of my previous shots haunt me until I can make enough shots to forget them.

  3. Wow! Smart illustration as usual. The lawn mower money is my favs. Though I can tell you had fun with the ghost-balls.

  4. pete ryan

    Outstanding thinking

  5. Those ghost golf balls take me back to when I was hitting the greens as a teenager. Love all of this new work Chris.

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