Noah Patrick Pfarr – Portrait of Tilda Swinton

In my downtime recently I’ve taken it upon myself to work on some portraits to flesh-out that part of my portfolio.  Admittedly, I rarely do portraits.  I think I’ve always lacked the confidence in my ability to create a recognizable likeness, but I’m going to have to get over that.  I took a quick internet poll, and the suggestion made by the amazingly talented illustrator Kali Ciesemier took the palm.  So here is my first of a series I will be completing.

This is also a subtle homage to one of my favorite portrait paintings by Leonardo daVinci  “Lady with an Ermine”

I give you the enchanting beauty of Tilda Swinton:

About Noah Patrick Pfarr

Noah is a freelance illustrator in Portland, OR where he spends his days drawing, raising two little girls, and generally wasting his time on the internet. You can see more of Noah's work at


  1. Brilliant! I love your firm yet delicate line. You have a confident, very individual “look” to your work. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s. You really captured Tilda’s likeness, with a clever twist! And yes, Kali Ciesemier is amazing, is she not? :)

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