Joel Kimmel – Map of Mt. Rainier for Seattle Met

Mt. Rainier National Park

This two-page spread illustration of Mt. Rainier for Seattle Met was one on my favorite jobs I’ve done. There was a lot to include and a lot to get right. People looking at this map needed to be able to make sense of it. They probably wouldn’t want to use it as an actual trail map, but in case they did I didn’t want to be responsible for them getting lost.

So, I made this map as accurate as possible. Take a right turn at the giant fisherman, go straight past the giant tents and take a left at the wildflowers.

Can you find the blackberry pie?

I put a lot of detail into each of the images, so here are a few detail shots to show them more clearly. You can see some more images of the map on my website.

A couple of hikers ready to start their trek.

Bird watching and hiking their way through the park.

One of my favorite parts of the map is this old camper.

Thanks for visiting Mt. Rainier.


  1. A-mazing. Maybe the best Joel Kimmel ever.

    And hey, one of those hikers looks familiar…

  2. This is beautiful, Joel…and there’s you and your lady!

  3. The detail in this is pretty dope Joel!

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