Noah Patrick Pfarr – Baltimore City Paper Cover

I was lucky enough to get this job on recommendation from my old pal and fellow Illo Confidential illustrator Alex Fine.   Alex and I went to school together in Baltimore, so it was great to have a chance to illustrate for the ol’ City Paper after all these years.  Joe MacLeod wanted a wrecked airplane with cash spilling out.  I initially thought of Scrooge MacDuck for some reason, and sketched up a pile of gold spilling out of the crashed plane.  The writer of the feature, however, didn’t go for it because it turns out that the plane in question was not transporting a pool of golden coins.  PFFF… Writers… always so ‘literal’.  Anyway, this was a super fun piece to draw.  For some reason, it’s a lot more fun to draw something destroyed.  So here it is!

Here is the original sketch, as well as a spot that ran with the featured story on the interior.

Thanks for lookin’!

About Noah Patrick Pfarr

Noah is a freelance illustrator in Portland, OR where he spends his days drawing, raising two little girls, and generally wasting his time on the internet. You can see more of Noah's work at


  1. Feels like you had a lot of fun doing this cover! Agreed with Kyle, great colors!

  2. Love this cover, and the spot is also really great! Very fresh looking.

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