Daniel Hertzberg – Remodeling Magazine: Social Media


I had the pleasure of illustrating the cover and a full-pager for Remodeling Magazine. The article was an introduction to social media for contractors and small business owners. I wanted to show how social media is an essential part of the job today, how they cannot do what they do without it. Each social media website being a separate tool just seemed to make sense. Below is the full-pager, along with sketches.



About Daniel Hertzberg

Daniel is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Montclair, NJ. To view more work, please visit his website: www.danielhertzberg.com Email: daniel@danielhertzberg.com Phone: (516) 286-7585 Twitter: @danielhertzberg Facebook: Daniel Hertzberg Illustration Illoz: illoz.com/danielhertzberg


  1. Let me be the first to say this is brilliantly conceived, perfectly executed and one of my favorite Hertz illos ever.

  2. Kyle T. Webster

    Chris is right.

  3. Brian Taylor

    Amazing cover!

  4. Thanks fellas. Chris, you’ve very kind!

  5. solid up and down sir. real nice!

  6. pete

    outstanding, even at your high caliber

  7. Pete Morelewicz

    Terrific piece, Daniel! (What a jerk of an art director, though.)

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