Noah Patrick Pfarr – “A Million Dollars In Change” (e-book cover)

I’m excited about this one.  The author of the ‘Wrenches’ e-book that I did a while back William Campbell (Candle) commissioned me to illustrate his pet project of young adult fiction books.  It’s a magical realism trilogy about kids with very unique abilities.

This is the first book in the series, and should be due out through all major e-book retailers very soon.  Enjoy!

About Noah Patrick Pfarr

Noah is a freelance illustrator in Portland, OR where he spends his days drawing, raising two little girls, and generally wasting his time on the internet. You can see more of Noah's work at


  1. Wow! This is gorgeous Noah.

  2. Brian Taylor

    I love this. Impressive!

  3. This really pops! Great job!

  4. Thanks guys. You’re too kind!

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