Noah Patrick Pfarr – Penthouse Magazine

Earlier last month, I was called up by John Faraci over at Penthouse Magazine to do a full page and a spot for their upcoming issue.  When he briefed me on the project, I became very excited… (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter!)  The story was a humorous piece about the 2012 end of the world.  He wanted to see a scene with all trappings of a good apocalypse;  zombies, fires, tidal waves, destruction, hysteria, planets colliding, etc.

I cannot express how much fun this was.  I’m glad I got to do it.

The spot was fun too.  I got to draw the over-prepared guy as he finds out that the end of the world never happened.  I hope I get to work with John again.  This really was a dream assignment.

About Noah Patrick Pfarr

Noah is a freelance illustrator in Portland, OR where he spends his days drawing, raising two little girls, and generally wasting his time on the internet. You can see more of Noah's work at


  1. Chris Gash

    Love the tin foil hat! GREAT piece, and congrats again on such a terrific assignment!

  2. These are fantastic Noah!!!

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