Chris Gash – 3 for the Times

On Tuesday this week I had three illustrations in the NYTimes. This first one was for my weekly Science Times assignment about how climate change is affecting the behaviors of Alaskan salmon:

If you want to read more about this spot and see the rejected sketches, please visit¬†DrawingScience. This next illustration was for the Business Day section for a column reporting on travelers’ complaints about hotels:

And then back to Science for my first how-to spots:

Thanks to Peter, Joe and Phyllis!

About Chris Gash

Since 2000, Chris Gash has been illustrating for books, newpapers and magazines both here and abroad, and his work has been recognized by SILA, Communication Arts and 3x3. You can see more of Chris's work here!


  1. Kyle T. Webster

    Ah, I wish I had thought of that front desk bell idea. Come on – that’s just awesome.

  2. More brilliant concepts. Nice.

  3. that bell is so great, so simple yet i can’t stop looking at it.

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