Alex Fine – Nashville Scene

This was a fun job!  A cover and 5 spots for Nashville Scene.  The issue is called “You Are So Nashville If…” and involves different characteristics of what makes someone unmistakably Nashville.  On the cover is a local Nashville lawyer who is notorious for his low budget commercials.  Others include a Vanderbilt coach who must approve of his assistant coaches wives, an out and proud country singer, and spicy backyard chickens!  Thanks Elizabeth for providing so much fun stuff to draw!

About Alex Fine

Alex Fine is a full time freelance illustrator living and working in Baltimore, MD. Some of his clients include WIRED, ESPN Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Washington Post, UFC Magazine, WWE Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Baltimore City Paper, etc. Go to his website to see more work!


  1. Nice series, Alex. I got to illustrate this series a couple of years ago and it’s definitely a fun project with a good Art Director. Nicely done.

  2. Chris Gash

    Excellent as always, Alex. I am particularly fond of those chickens…

  3. Thanks Thomas and Chris! Elizabeth definitely gave me some fun topics to draw : )

  4. Smooth work as always Mr. Fine! I never knew that I’ve always wanted to see a rooster breathing fire, until now. Thank you.

  5. Thanks PJ! I’ll have to draw more atomic chickens!

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