Thomas Pitilli – Ebony Magazine

So here’s a recent illustration I did for Ebony Magazine, in the He said/She Said section.  The topic had to do with whether a couple should build wealth before marriage, or tough it out for a few years while already married. It was a fun piece to work on, and great working with Lynnette!

Thanks for checking in!


About thomaspitilli

Thomas Pitilli is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in such publications as New York Times, Complex Magazine, Juxtapoz, Untne Reader, The Progressive, Seattle Met, and many more. To view more of Thomas' work, please check out his website at:


  1. Great work Thomas, I really like the look on her face and the colours are outstanding!

  2. thomaspitilli

    Thanks Ryan!

  3. Kyle T. Webster

    Very nice.

  4. Great metaphor Thomas! The gesture and everything is so good.

  5. great coloring and gesture!

  6. Chris Gash

    Love it, Thomas!

  7. This is so good! Lines, gestures, colors, concept, all amazing!

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