Kyle T. Webster: Recent Editorial Work


A cover for The Spectator on the topic of Olympic Censorship, a spot about Spain’s economy (running with the bulls …), a portrait for Aflac, spots about rich kids for Worth, and a Wall Street Journal illustration about cell phone etiquette at dinner parties.

Thanks for looking!







About Kyle T. Webster

Illustrator for The New Yorker, NY Times, The Atlantic, TIME, ESPN, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, Scholastic, HMH, etc. // Mobile Game and App Developer with numerous games featured by Apple // Designer of over 100 logos for local, regional, and multi-national businesses // O.D.G.


  1. these are great! Love the Spectator cover, the figure drawing is top notch.

  2. The Spectator cover and the Social Media party are probably some of my favorites you’ve done so far. Bravo my friend.

  3. Chris Gash

    Hit after hit after hit. I love that WSJ piece, but they’re all masterful.

  4. Kyle T. Webster

    Thanks, all. It’s been a good month with some really fun jobs.

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