Chris Gash – July update

I just posted some recent work from The Wall Street Journal, Corporate Knights (thanks, Pete!) and others, including this illustration from Sunday’s NYT Book Review. This was a nice change for me – a simple narrative image drawn in pencil. The silo was just a stencil I cut out and inked with a brayer (thanks, Keith!).

One of the things I love about the Book Review is that I never feel confined to a certain kind of solution. This one goes waaaay back to when I still watercolored everything. It was about a woman who recorded her family history through quilts:

This was a satire of a WPA image during the bailouts in 2008 and 2009:

This was for a book about a teacher moonlighting as a driver who delivers prostitutes to their appointments, and eventually ends up driving one of his students:

This one was so simple I got to do it as a quick silkscreen:

The Book Review continues to be one of my favorite spots to work and it’s been a privilege to work with both Heller and Nicholas. Thanks for reading!

About Chris Gash

Since 2000, Chris Gash has been illustrating for books, newpapers and magazines both here and abroad, and his work has been recognized by SILA, Communication Arts and 3x3. You can see more of Chris's work here!


  1. Kyle T. Webster

    The Book Review has always been a great showcase for illustration. Nice work!

  2. Lots of great stuff here Gash! Your book review piece is probably my favorite.

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