Oil me up…

Heres a look at two spots i recently did for Alberta Oil mag -

The first idea (and maybe one of the best ideas i’ve had in a while) was about Canada getting its foot in the door with overseas oil trades. turns out, cross shapes in an oil tower look just like laces on a shoe – simple and clear way to show the oil industries foot in the door. yeah!


┬áThe second article was about people put in place to defend finance regulation – keep executives from accumulating too much wealth etc. essentially the line of defense – pretty fun solution too!


About pete ryan

Im an illustrator from Toronto, and an aspiring DILF.


  1. Yeah is right, man! Great ideas and beautifully executed. Those shoelaces are perfect and the splashes of oil have a ton of character.

  2. Great work Pete! Smart solutions as always.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous! Wish I had a beautiful shoe like that.

  4. Chris Gash

    Pete, how many times can I say it? Sleep with one eye open.

  5. Smart and beautiful Pete!

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