Alex Fine – Michael Moore/Wendell Potter Poster

And flipped…

This is a poster for an event in Philadelphia including Michael Moore (director of SiCKO) and Wendell Potter (Former Cigna employee, now healthcare whistle blower) sharing the same stage.  Potter once denounced the validity of the facts stated in SiCKO but since hase acknowledged that it was his job to “take down” Moore regardless of the fact that SiCKO was pretty accurate.  Now they speak out for the same cause.  How’s THAT for the power of documentary film?!

About Alex Fine

Alex Fine is a full time freelance illustrator living and working in Baltimore, MD. Some of his clients include WIRED, ESPN Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Washington Post, UFC Magazine, WWE Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Baltimore City Paper, etc. Go to his website to see more work!


  1. I should also mention that Potter’s book is called Deadly Spin….though spinning this poster shouldn’t kill anyone : )

  2. That’s really well done. Nice design, too. Did you do the design as well?

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