Noah Patrick Pfarr – Torture in the ‘Burbs – LA Weekly

I got to work on another LA Weekly spot recently with a subject that reads like something from a TV crime drama.

An unbelievable case was recently cracked by LA Sheriff’s Dept, and the finger points at a suburban neighborhood gangster who only a few months ago was hailed by city officials as a local hero for saving a neighbor from a burning house.

The truth, according to neighbors, is that he ran a violent drug pad on their street, and everyone lived in fear. Then he finally went too far, imprisoning a couple for six days in his garage, and torturing the husband — carving and burning a four-letter word into his skin — all because the horrified couple owed him $250!  Yikes!

About Noah Patrick Pfarr

Noah is a freelance illustrator in Portland, OR where he spends his days drawing, raising two little girls, and generally wasting his time on the internet. You can see more of Noah's work at


  1. The postures of those victims is great and that gangster is just plain mean lookin’. Also, nice touch with those rings on his fingers.

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