Daniel Hertzberg – SmartMoney: Invest, Pick, Plan, Spend

I had the honor of illustrating the words “Invest” “Pick” “Plan” and “Spend” for SmartMoney Magazine last month. The art director pretty much let me do whatever I liked, so I tried every metaphor possible with these. But I wanted to avoid using dollars or dollar signs, bears, bulls, etc. The “Plan” section was mostly about saving for retirement… a rocking chair just couldn’t be avoided, but I like the idea of someone creating a chair from scratch, like an artist painting one. The “Invest” piece was originally a sketch for another job, but it seems to make more sense here.

About Daniel Hertzberg

Daniel is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Montclair, NJ. To view more work, please visit his website: www.danielhertzberg.com Email: daniel@danielhertzberg.com Phone: (516) 286-7585 Twitter: @danielhertzberg Facebook: Daniel Hertzberg Illustration Illoz: illoz.com/danielhertzberg


  1. Kyle T. Webster

    Sharp ideas, Daniel.

  2. pete

    love that rocking chair one!!!

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