Brian Taylor — Zombie Congress for the Boston Globe

Here is an illustration in today’s Boston Globe. It’s an Op-Ed piece about
Rep. Jim Cooper’s ‘zombie scenario’ for fiscal chaos this December.

Originally I had Cooper going all ‘Walking Dead’ style with a shotgun, but the gun would of opened up a can of
worms, we didn’t want to mess with. Thanks to Jane and Heather on this. Nice to get back in the Globe.

About Brian Taylor

Clients include: The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Fast Company, Wired UK, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. Please get in touch! You can check out more of my work at or email me at


  1. I love it! I also would have loved the hand over the capitol building!

  2. Brian Taylor

    Yeah, they almost went with that one but felt it looked more like congress was being attacked by zombies, instead of congress being the zombies…

  3. Brett Affrunti Illustration

    Nice one man!

  4. Nice one Brian! I’m sure it was a fast turnaround too.

  5. Brian Taylor

    Thanks, yeah pretty quick turnaround. I got them roughs same day and delivered final the next morning.

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