Chris Gash – New work

Here are a few selections from the past couple weeks, thanks for looking!

This opener for The Sierra Club magazine was about the public backlash to new digital “smart” utility meters:

And here is one sketch I had a tough time letting go of:

This full-page for Adweek was one of the more conceptually challenging assignments I’ve tackled in a while. I went through countless sketches trying to find the ideal way to show ’cause marketing in social gaming’ (between you and me, I’m not sure I ever got there, but I think it turned out to be a nice package anyway):

And here is an opener for American Medical News about how doctors get into trouble when borrowing money:

And here are the rejects, though I may try to use these somewhere down the line…

To see more recent assignments and other work, visit

About Chris Gash

Since 2000, Chris Gash has been illustrating for books, newpapers and magazines both here and abroad, and his work has been recognized by SILA, Communication Arts and 3x3. You can see more of Chris's work here!


  1. Mind-bogglingly smart as usual Chris. The borrowing money into a corner piece is genius!

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