PJ McQuade – LA Weekly – Esther Wong

I have another illustration in this week’s LA Weekly.  It’s a article entitled “The Flawed Legacy of Esther Wong”.  Esther Wong was given the moniker “The Godmother of Punk” by somebody  back in the day and now that title is under scrutiny, and over emphasizes her role in the scene.  She was the no nonsense proprietor of Madame’s Wong’s, an LA music venue where many punk/alt bands played in the ’70s and ’80s.  One night, she made The Ramones stop playing their set midway through to go clean up the graffiti they had written in the bathroom.

About PJ McQuade

Artwork and Design. NY, NY. Clients included Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Toronto Life, ESPN, MTV Press, HOW, MAD Magazine & Penthouse. Check out www.pjmcquade.com to see more of his work.


  1. love the loose line, expressive, but holds together. and great use of color!

  2. Love the depth you’ve created with the dark lines in the background fading… so subtle but so smart!

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