Keith Negley – NYT

Here are a couple recent pieces for The New York Times. This first one is for the Book Review for a novel called “Wish You Were Here” by Graham Swift. The story entails a middle aged man who runs an RV park on a small island off of the coast of England. He gets news of his brother’s death and as the story unfolds he unravels psychologically. Art Director: Nicholas Blechman. Here is the approved sketch and the link to the review:

Next is something for The New York Times Wellness blog. For a story about the homosexual discrimination that is still prevalent in the medical field. Followed by the approved sketch and link to the story. Art Director: Peter Morance.

About Keith Negley

Keith Negley is an award winning illustrator based in Seattle, WA. His work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, 3x3, Creative Quarterly and Lurzer’s Archive Best 200 Illustrators among others. To see more visit


  1. Kyle T. Webster


  2. Love them both, but that bk review piece is an absolute stunner. It couldn’t be more perfect for that book!

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