Joel Kimmel – Sportsnet Magazine Spots

Ferris Bueller's Ferrari Joyride

Flirting with Tiger Woods

How to Make Gumbo

For the past month or so I’ve been doing some small spot illustrations for Sportsnet Magazine. They’ve been a lot of fun and the topics range from How-To’s such as how to have the perfect Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and how to make gumbo. The middle illustration with the flirty young woman was part of a series of Do’s and Don’ts during golf tournaments.

These have been great to work on. Hopefully I’ll continue working on the series and have more to show you soon. You can see more spot illustrations on my website in my Drawings section.


  1. Chris Gash

    Joel, always beautiful work! SO good.

  2. You’re seriously the master of scale and detail! The way you pick and chose what to add or take out when you scale up or down is very well done.

  3. Such classy, classicly gorgeous work.

  4. Daphine Timbers

    attending golf tournaments is quite exciting.;

    Have a look at all of the most recently released short article on our own website

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