Brett Affrunti – Washington Post Sunday Style illustrations

I was very excited to get a call from Allie over at the Washington Post last week to do some illustrations for their Sunday Style section. Allie asked if I could do some reportage drawings or neighborhood scenes to go along with a review for HBO’s upcoming show “Girls”. The show takes places in New York City – where the main characters live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and look for jobs in Lower Manhattan. If you are familiar at all with Greenpoint or Greenwich Village area, you may recognize some of these spots. I had a lot of fun on these, and am very happy with the outcome. Special thanks to Allie and the Washington Post editors! Enjoy!

About Brett Affrunti Illustration

I'm an illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. Clients include NY Times, Travel Leisure, Wired, Car and Driver, Chicago Magazine, Delta SKY, Washington Post and more!


  1. Brian Taylor

    I love that I can check out the paper each Sunday and chances are an IlloCon alum is in there.

  2. Chris Gash

    Brett your work mingles perfectly with photos!! This is so awesome. Was this what you were working on last Tuesday?

  3. The way you mix photo and line art looks really current and exciting!

  4. Brett Affrunti Illustration

    Thanks guys! The idea of integrating the photos was all the Art Director’s idea, so the credit has to go to her. And Chris – yes this was the series I was working on last Tuesday!

  5. So cool! Location drawings and photo integration, what a fun job. This works so nicely with your line work. Did they ask you to do the hand drawn type too?

    • Brett Affrunti Illustration

      Yeah I did the hand type for two of the headlines. I wish I had a bit more time to really think the headlines thru more, but we didn’t get confirmation until the night before this was to be shipped

  6. danielzalkus

    Good stuff. Cool too that these are real locations. Matchless is a good bar.

  7. Great stuff Brett! And on such a quick deadline… pretty darn impressive.

  8. Brett Affrunti Illustration

    thanks guys!

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