Brian Taylor — Birthday Portrait Series

Here is a series of monthly promotional illustrations I’m doing based on celeb birthdays. Here’s January through March. I know, it’s not even March yet. Just consider this a sneak preview.


WAYNE GRETZKY: Jan. 26, 1961

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.: Jan. 15, 1929

JANUARY JONES: Jan. 5, 1978

DAVID BOWIE: Jan. 8, 1947

OPRAH WINFREY: Jan. 29, 1954

RICHARD NIXON: Jan. 9, 1913


MICHAEL JORDAN: Feb. 17, 1963

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Feb. 12, 1809

RIHANNA : Feb. 20, 1988

KURT COBAIN: Feb. 20, 1967

JOHN TRAVOLTA: Feb. 18, 1954


PEYTON MANNING: Mar. 24, 1976

DANIEL CRAIG: Mar. 2, 1968

SPIKE LEE: Mar. 20, 1957

ALBERT EINSTEIN: Mar. 14, 1879

JUSTIN BIEBER: Mar. 1, 1994

BILLY CORGAN: Mar. 17, 1967

About Brian Taylor

Clients include: The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Fast Company, Wired UK, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. Please get in touch! You can check out more of my work at or email me at


  1. Patrick McQuade

    Sweet portraits BT!!

  2. Your portraits are always so ridiculously easily recognizable. It’s pretty incredible.

  3. Nice Michael Jordan!! Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Manute Bol / Mugsy Bogues art show..

  4. Brian Taylor

    Thanks everybody. Only 9 more months to go!

  5. Such a great promo idea, keep ‘em coming.

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